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• 10/12/2013

Angel Heart Anime (50 episodes-End)

  • How many of you have seen it? 
  • What are your thoughts about it?
  • Did you do comparisons with City Hunter anime?
  • Which anime (between A.H & C.H) do you prefer?

Manga related topic:

  • For those who have finished the 1st season of the manga, are the 50 episodes all there is to it or original anime content?
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• 10/12/2013

I'm first so...^^

  • Yes, I've seen and done with it.
  • I like A.H better than C.H in relations to characters and emotional elements. Some characters are introduced in the later part of the anime and I wish they could have been more involved or back story since the anime ended pretty quickly just after they're introduced.
  • When I first started watching, yes! ^^" It's hard not to have some expectation on similarities since some known characters are involved. However, after following the story in A.H and not yet completed C.H, I've only managed to grasp some differences in the known characters like Umibozu and Kaori. In regards to both stories, before I started with A.H, I thought I should have some knowledge on C.H, well some knowledge did help and now I'm gonna watch C.H and finish it!! There are 3 seasons and some OVAs or films to go, so it might take awhile! ^^"
  • Going with the illustration style, I think Ryo looks more handsome/dashing in C.H :P In A.H~due to his age he probably matured much but still have his killer charm! ^^ I think Kaori has a softer appeal in A.H and I love that alot~^^ haha

I still have to finish watching C.H to answer this part of the topic.

Can't answer the next one since I haven't read the manga. :P

Well, hope to hear your replies! =) Cheers!

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