Bai Lan

Bailan profile
Green Dragon Division(青龍部隊)
White Tiger Division(白虎部隊)
Voice Actors
Iwao Junko (Japanese)

A close fellow comrade from the Green Dragon Division with Xing Hong who appears before him one day in Shinjuku. Thinking that Xing Hong had died, she is glad that he's still alive.


She shows up in Shinjuku one day but does not speak of her mission. She is currently under the Division of the White Tiger, a unit that collects information from the enemy via infiltration, with the lowest rate of survival.


Liu Xing HongEdit

Upon knowing about her risky mission, Xing Hong offers to infiltrate the Falcon Hawk Organization for her sake. Shocked by Bai Lan's resolve, Xing Hong visits her and promises to protect both Hayakawa and her lives. Not wanting to involve him, she lies about the day of assassination.

Hayakawa ShunsukeEdit

The target that Bai Lan is supposed to assassinate but now shares a close bond with.

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