Li Jian Qiang

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Taiwan Mafia(正道会)
Voice Actors
Arimoto Kinryu (Japanese)

The older twin brother of the Taiwanese mafia and the biological father of Xiang Ying.


22 years ago, Ryo was requested to retrieve his younger brother from a group of guerillas' captivity. It appears that currently his younger brother Jian De, was assassinated in his place. Li Jian Qiang appears and reveals to Ryo about his biological relationship to Glass Heart, his daughter. He also confessed that in order to save her life previously due to her suicide, Kaori's heart was stolen in the process.


As twins, he shares similar appearance with Li Jian De.


Li Jian DeEdit

His younger twin brother who acts as his kagemusha(a term used to denote a decoy).

Xiang YingEdit

His biological daughter who is AKA Glass Heart.

Ryo SaebaEdit

The sweeper whom he had commissioned previously.

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