Liu Xing Hong

LiuXingHong profile
Green Dragon Division(青龍部隊)
Cat's Eye Cafe(喫茶キャッツアイ)
Voice Actors
Suzuki Chihiro (Japanese)

A young man who shares a past with Xiang Ying during their training and is later affiliated with the Green Dragon Division.


He first appears in Shinjuku as part of the Green Dragon Division who are after Glass Heart and infiltrated Ryo's party during the barricade. In reality, he has intended to protect her at all cost; along with a suicide mission.


Xiang YingEdit

He shared a past with her in their younger days during their training and had a close bond, relying on each other. However, during a final test, they were required to terminate each other. Supposedly killed off by her, she was deeply hurt and tormented after by it. Their close bond resumes after their reunion. 

Ryo SaebaEdit

Ryo saved him during his suicide mission attempt and also revealed Glass Heart's real name to the latter later on.


The boss of Cat's Eye Cafe who took him in after his resolve to live in Shinjuku along with Glass Heart.

Bai LanEdit

A fellow comrade from the Green Dragon Division with Xing Hong who appears before him one day. They have a close bond.

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