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Voice Actors
Koyama Mami (Japanese)

Miki is a young girl who appears in the course of the story.


Miki is introduced when Saeko is relating her recent experience of a mysterious girl. Miki is labelled the "Little Girl of Fortune" and becomes an urban legend. However, unbeknownst to some, Miki lives alone in obscurity in the ruins of the Shinjuku underground mall.

After encountering Kaori and a wash of crying, Miki fell tiredly asleep and develops a fever. Xiang Ying brings her to Doc's clinic where she recovers for a night. A voice awakes her at dawn.



Miki's biological mother.

Saeko NogamiEdit

Saeko encounters Miki in a recent experience and comes to care about her well-being. Saeko stayed in at the clinic all night while she was recuperating at Doc's clinic.


At the corner of downtown Shinjuku, while Miki reads a book, a passing Umibozu is fascinated by the voice of the child. Miki knows that he is blind and reading to him at the same location becomes a daily matter. Umibozu cares about Miki's well-being and stayed in at the clinic all night while she was recuperating.

Kaori MakimuraEdit

Kaori becomes a form of comfort to Miki when Miki is able to see her presence within Xiang Ying. Kaori relates to Miki about the existence of her mother, dwelling within her heart as a way of easily conveying the meaning of death.

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