Saeba Ryo
冴羽 獠

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City Hunter Team
Voice Actors
Kamiya Akira (Japanese)

Ryo Saeba is one of the main characters in A.H. He appears as sweeper City Hunter and is introduced at the beginning of the story at having lost Kaori after an accident claimed her life.


Initially, Ryo believes that Kaori's heart continues to live elsewhere after her death despite not knowing to whom it's borne. After hearing from Umibozu about Kaori's 'return', he wanders the street of Shinjuku in search for her. He meets Glass Heart gradually in the course of the story and a bond unfolds between them.


Kaori MakimuraEdit

His beloved and partner of the City Hunter Team. They first met when he had suffered a gunshot wound and Kaori brought him to Doc's clinic. It was for Kaori that he swore to protect Hideyuki.

Hideyuki MakimuraEdit

Ryo got to know Hideyuki after Kaori brought him to Doc's clinic and later form the City Hunter partnership behind the scenes.


An old friend who owns Cat's Eye Cafe and goes way back with him.

Li Jian QiangEdit

The triad boss from Taiwan who hired him to rescue his twin brother.

Li Jian DeEdit

The twin brother of Li Jian Qiang whom Ryo got acquainted with after rescuing him.

Xiang YingEdit

AKA Glass Heart, the young girl who carries Kaori's transplanted heart. He eventually forms a paternal bond with her.

Saeko NogamiEdit

The Shinjuku West Police Chief whom he has known for a long time.


An elderly doctor who owns a private clinic.

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