Tachiki Sayuri

Sayuri profile
Voice Actors
Han Keiko(Japanese)

Kaori Makimura's biological sister.


She appears as a client requesting City Hunter to search for her younger sister, Kaori. She is appalled when she learns from Ryo that Kaori has already passed away three years ago and that Xiang Ying is now a host of her transplanted heart. Additionally, being aware of Kaori's participation as a part of the City Hunter Team, she sets to ascertain Kaori's happiness.

She also sets to put a stop to Xiang Ying's activities in the team and suggests taking her back to New York with her, in addition with the best medical care.


Kaori MakimuraEdit

Xiang Ying brought Sayuri to the places in Kaori's memories and in Kaori's place, passionately talks about them. Later, through Kaori's dream, Sayuri experiences a recollection of her memories.

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