Xiang Ying

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Taiwanese Mafia(正道会)
City Hunter
Voice Actors
Kawasaki Mao (Japanese)

The main character of the story whom the story revolves around.


Introduced as codename Glass Heart, the story is told from her perspective, in her role as a trained Taiwanese Mafia's killing machine. Currently at a young age of fifteen, she appears to have attempted suicide and has survived a heart transplant.

Having not regained her consciousness even after a year, she finally awakes and leaves the organization for Shinjuku, in search for answers regarding her dreams during her coma and the mysterious voice within.

A stranger in Shinjuku and given a hard time by the yakuza and the events that follow, she found herself at Cat's Eye cafe and meets Umibozu. With the intention of meeting Ryo Saeba and the mystery of the XYZ code that she encounters, she is guided by visions of Kaori Makimura and arrives at the Shinjuku station.

She gradually meets Ryo and a bond unfolds between them.


From a young age, Xiang Ying has lived her life training to become an assassin without knowing the joy and fun in life. From the agony of robbing the lives of others as an assassin, to being given a new heart and guided to Shinjuku, and to meeting Ryo and his friends, has helped shaped her into a person, whose new lease of life has began to change significantly.


Kaori MakimuraEdit

Xiang Ying encounters Kaori in her dreams during her coma and sought to find out more about it, bringing her to Shinjuku; where Kaori makes her presence more often, gradually leading her to Ryo in the process. She also shares the same HLA antigen with Xiang Ying.

Ryo SaebaEdit

He becomes a father figure for her and starts life anew together.

Li Jian QiangEdit

The Head of the Taiwanese Mafia and her biological father whom she has no memory of. 

Liu Xing HongEdit

A young man from her past she encountered during her training. They depended on each other and shared a close bond, however they were later given an order to eliminate each other as a final test. Convinced that she had killed him, it caused a deep wound within her. Their close bond resumes after their reunion. 

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