Yang Fang Yu

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Black Panther Mercenary(黒豹部隊)
Voice Actors
Ogata Megumi (Japanese)

Yang Fang Yu is the female leader of the Black Panther Mercenaries and AKA the "Human Nuclear Warhead".


She appears in the later episodes of the anime after Ryo missed sending her a birthday email. As a response, she kidnapped newscaster Tomomi and later confronted Ryo about it who tries to evade.

However, she also has other plans with Ryo. In order to create a vaccine for biological weapons, she had researchers placed under house arrest. However, they were taken elsewhere by Max, another mercenary. After capturing Max and embedding GPS and wiretaps while he was unconscious, the strategy to make contact with the mastermind through Max led them to a ship and someone whom she's familiar with, Chen.

Furious that she had been made use of, Yang made her way to where he is and confronted him.


Kaori MakimuraEdit

Yang entrusted Suuchin to Kaori when the young girl wanted to study in Japan. Kaori also played a part in sparing Chen's life.


A war orphan girl whom Yang has adopted and raised.


The antagonist who made use of Yang.

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